November, 2009 



We are indeed glad to announce the release of two new titles:

Notebooks of an Apocalypse: 1978 - 1982

This is volume two in English of Satprem's Notebooks of an Apocalypse . In 1978, Satprem and Sujata leave Pondicherry for good. The perfect refuge at last ... out of the reach of the cruel forces and hideous poison that we had swallowed in Pondicherry day after day.. Far from it! The battle of the Agenda took on even crueler dimensions which embraced the whole of India and further unmasked the game of the Forces.

During these four years, Satprem materializes the 13 volumes of the Mother's Agenda in French, writes books, and gives interviews during which the yoga of cells is taking shape . I could not believe , he writes , that I had started walking this impossible path of the new body, but I was right in it!

(2009, 316 pages)

Song of Humanity

By Sujata Nahar. A poignant account of the Secret of the Veda as found by Sri Aurobindo . The human journey is conceived as a battlefield full of helpers and hurters, friends and enemies and where we rub elbows with the personalities of our ignorance, evil, weakness and limitation, "who make constant war upon man."

She concludes her brief account of what this "Song of Humanity" is, thus: the hymns of the Veda are the triumph songs of the soul's battle in Matter and its victory-and finally the transformation of this very Matter and of our body itself by the soul-power immured in our very cells.

We take this opportunity to inform you also of the release of a new edition of the Revolt of the Earth by Satprem.

(2009, 32 pages)


With best wishes.