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  on Mother's Agenda
Reading Mother's Agenda not only brings hope but also offers a certainty. Those interested in the destiny of man and of this earth must know that somebody has struggled to find the path out of the thick jungle that we call human nature.... A bright new future is approaching us without our knowledge.
— The Times of India
All those who aspire to understand the deeper meaning of the human crises, the way out of them and the future of the human species must go through Mother's Agenda.... We have to transfer our life to a new foundation. Let Mother's Agenda touch your tired heart and you will find the first sensation of transfer.
The Indian Express
The general impression arising from these thick volumes is indeed of vast horizons suddenly opening up. The reader is left dizzy with the gems springing up from Mother's conversations with her insatiable confidant.... Mother's Agenda offers a challenge to mankind : Will it disappear ? Will it survive and mutate into a far more evolved species ?
The Statesman
An immeasurably valuable account over 23 years of Mother's exploration into the body consciousness. It is her secret, her discovery, which makes Mother's Agenda unique.... Satprem has done a superb job.
The Economic Times
Mother narrates her most intimate experiences to Satprem in a simple and vivid language, now sparkling with humour and now calmly describing the most baffling experiences....
Free Press Journal
  on Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness, by Satprem
Satprem's Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness calls for a slow joyous handclap. It is the finest exegesis yet on Aurobindo's purna yoga. The book reveals Satprem's own vast experience in the practice of the integral yoga.... We may have to wait a millennium before we are favoured with another excellent book on this subject.
The Sunday Standard
As this book proves, Satprem is an extraordinary writer.
— The Hindustan Times
Satprem has a clarity of presentation that should appeal. A faithful premier, the book is bound to be useful.
The National Herald
This book, written in 1963, has an established reputation in India as well as in the West of a classic on Sri Aurobindo.... A stirring and beautiful book which shows us how Sri Aurobindo's work brings a divine rehabilitation of Matter and which will not soon cease to draw many to the last exploration left to us, the ultimate adventure : ourselves.
— The Statesman
Satprem's style of biography is by no means classic.... Those interested in the origin and essence of Indian thought and tradition will find this book highly refreshing. It has the nakedness of Vedic knowledge, uncluttered with scholarly complexities. It is a book of experience, not a theoretical treatise.
— Marg
  on The Mind of the Cells, by Satprem
Rejecting conventional ideas on man and the nature of his body, both in health and in sickness, and abandoning the outworn clichés of religions with their cathechism and intolerance, Satprem closely follows Sri Aurobindo in implying that ... if man does not search for his true being, he will be bypassed as were prehistoric monsters in the course of nature's evolutionary movement.
— The Times of India
Distils the essence of Mother's discovery. This book opens up new sources of energy, new methods of communication, and a new power to handle matter.
— The Economic Times
Satprem draws striking parallels between Mother's discovery of free matter, of the cellular mind buried deep in the body beneath our atavistic habits, and science's latest discoveries.... The book ends with an ominous review of today's world situation, showing however it may be the very pointer to a fairy tale awaiting us round the corner.
— The Statesman
  on MOTHER : (1) The Divine Materialism, by Satprem
Satprem's biography of Mother is a valuable prelude to Mother's Agenda.... Marvellous stories and conversations which Satprem has strung together with a fiery flow of prose. Revolutionary.
— Amrita Bazar Patrika
Many unpublished facts about Sri Aurobindo and Mother are revealed.... Readers of this fascinating and elevating biography will find it as rewarding as a voyage of discovery.
— The Sunday Standard
An admirable account of Mother's life.
— The Economic Times
A meticulously detailed work.... The author gives many details on the life and work of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo not known to the general reader.
— The Hindu
  on MOTHER : (2) The New Species, by Satprem
Provides insights into the work of transformation in Mother. Being involved in the long and arduous descent into the mysteries of the human body, she discovers the key in the cells.
— The Economic Times
Satprem hammers at our way of looking at the world with its supposedly ineluctable laws (physical and biological alike), till we seem to lose our bearings.... There is something magical about this book, as though it had the mysterious power to propel you into a different yet very much material world. It is literally a handbook of the new species.
— The Statesman
  on On the Way to Supermanhood, by Satprem
Satprem's books are in a class of their own ; their power does not fade with time. Perhaps they could be called classics of the future. On the Way to Supermanhood ... shows how our sadly limited and miserable humanity can be a transition towards a supermanhood, which has nothing to do with a Nietzschean superman but is, simply, a fully conscious being in a fully conscious body. How we can learn to live and see in a new way is told not didactically but through Satprem's unique style, a blend of beauty and power that has a magic appeal.
— The Statesman
  on Evolution II, by Satprem
The problem is to make a breakthrough to evolve a new human species. A disturbing, challenging thesis ... not an easy one to understand but it is well worth trying.
— Khushwant Singh, in
The Telegraph & The Hindustan Times
Power or the new energy released by Evolution II would drive mankind forward and impel the use of the force of consciousness. Such is the vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, as Satprem has tried to present it in this volume. The writing is forceful, the thoughts are austere and sincere and the ideal is impeccable and praiseworthy.
— The Astrological Magazine
  on Mother's Chronicles, by Sujata Nahar
Not only is the book illuminating but its delightfully simple style makes it a pleasure to read.... It is a fascinating tale, and the manner of narration confirms that Sujata is an accomplished storyteller.... The first volume of Mother's Chronicles makes enchanting reading.
— The Statesman
Sujata Nahar ... has brought out an interesting profile of the Mother in her researched work. She has placed the main highlights on the many-splendoured image of the Mother.
— The National Herald
Through Sujata Nahar's books [2 & 3], replete with photographs, expressive drawings and historical pieces of evidence, the extraordinary story of Mirra comes to life. Though the author does not demand the reader's belief, he unwittingly begins to live Mirra's miraculous life and to see how it led to the greatest adventure of man.... Sujata's simple and spontaneous style of writing has given a novel and fresh insight into the life of this great revolutionary and yogi [Sri Aurobindo, in Books 4 & 5]. She misses no occasion to contrast the high idealism of those days with our present decrepit condition.
— The Statesman
  on India's Rebirth (and its translations into Indian languages)
A handy selection from Sri Aurobindo.... The issues addressed are the core ones : the causes of India's degeneration, the Hindu-Muslim question, and the search for a political system suited to India. And, of course, the perennial question : what makes India a country unlike any other ?
— India Today
An exhaustive account throwing sharp light over Aurobindo's prescience about the coming situations in India and timely action for their resolution.... His assessment and grasp on the future of India was evident decades before the events took shape which indeed sternly face us today.
— The Statesman
Sri Aurobindo has written a vast deal about India's future and all his thoughts are brought out [in India's Rebirth] in a telling manner.... It is his foresight that gives the writings a special importance.
— The Hindu
The very title of the book is inspiring and contains the shining reaffirmation of what India truly is. Sri Aurobindo's vision is very striking : it is the spiritual and inner force of India which, after a thorough cleansing, will make her stand up again.
— Panchajanya
Sri Aurobindo's words come as showers of nectar in these days.... His open and free mind gives a warning to the intellectuals who feel concerned about the present state of affairs.... Sri Aurobindo is so felicitously introduced through this book.
— Andhra Prabha


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