Reading Mother's Agenda not only brings hope but also offers a certainty. Those interested in the destiny of man and of this earth must know that somebody has struggled to find the path out of the thick jungle that we call human nature.... A bright new future is approaching us without our knowledge.
— The Times of India
All those who aspire to understand the deeper meaning of the human crises, the way out of them and the future of the human species must go through Mother's Agenda.... We have to transfer our life to a new foundation. Let Mother's Agenda touch your tired heart and you will find the first sensation of transfer.
The Indian Express
The general impression arising from these thick volumes is indeed of vast horizons suddenly opening up. The reader is left dizzy with the gems springing up from Mother's conversations with her insatiable confidant.... Mother's Agenda offers a challenge to mankind : Will it disappear ? Will it survive and mutate into a far more evolved species ?
The Statesman
An immeasurably valuable account over 23 years of Mother's exploration into the body consciousness. It is her secret, her discovery, which makes Mother's Agenda unique.... Satprem has done a superb job.
The Economic Times
Mother narrates her most intimate experiences to Satprem in a simple and vivid language, now sparkling with humour and now calmly describing the most baffling experiences....
Free Press Journal

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